The Bionic Images team includes lead artists with over 20 years of Hollywood VFX feature film experience, overcoming a vast spectrum of challenges to deliver memorable and awe-inspiring visual effects.

      As a fast, efficient, boutique content creation studio, Bionic Images has the talent, expertise, and determination to tackle any creative visual effects project.


As veterans of the entertainment industry, we understand the importance of secrecy and security to any high-profile production. If you choose our exclusive Shadow Service your project will be kept strictly confidential and our involvement will be invisible to the outside world. All file transfers will be encrypted and data will be secured in cold storage off-line. With Shadow Service, you can rest assured no content will ever end up on our demo reel or social media, there will be no mention of your project on our CV, our IMDB page, or anywhere else; our work on your project will be done with total anonymity.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our exclusive Shadow Service so we can work together under the highest security measures and in absolute secrecy.


Bionic Images offers you flawless integration into your existing production pipeline. Our team of lead artists display nothing short of expertise and versatility with multiple technologies across all platforms, delivering amazing results to you in the full gambit of formats. We can adapt to work seamlessly within your existing pipeline.


Let’s be honest: VFX work can be complicated. If your in-house staff is unfamiliar with the tools or techniques used to solve a VFX challenge that we have delivered, we can create a custom video tutorial and documentation to assist them with the file handover and to help your on-site artists get up to speed.


Although we’re more than happy to assist you with countless, sometimes whimsical, directorial changes, we have found for some projects it makes more sense to continue making revisions locally, by delivering tweakable source files. We are proud to offer our Training Day feature for those special cases where we need to “teach an on-site artist how to fish”.


We are happy to share our knowledge and honored to be your VFX force multiplier.

      Bionic Images offers complete services across the entire VFX pipeline. Including: Concept art, storyboarding, modeling, texture painting, character rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, VFX (volumetrics, particles, RBD destruction), and compositing / post production.

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