For decentralized crypto projects that are non-ICO, which are volunteer run and community supported with no central corporate authority:

Want us to make some amazing motion graphics or 3d animation for a blockchain or crypto project that you’re a super fan of? Now you can support your favorite projects by spreading brand awareness with our premium eye catching visual content. Supporting the creation of promotional content that can be easily disseminated through social media channels is a direct way you can increase awareness of projects you are passionate about and invested in.

Our premium crypto visuals are creative eye-catching multimedia tanks of rocket fuel to help launch your favorite project to new heights. Bitgraphix captivating images attract interest and increases brand awareness.

3d animation and motion graphics, when done well, can be an expensive endeavor. The process is labor intensive and computationally time consuming. We understand some crypto and blockchain projects may not have a budget for top quality motion graphics and animation, so we’ve come up with a crowd funding donation option.

Don’t be a silent spectator, become a super fan champion!  

By donating to Bitgraphix you help fuel our passion and allow us to create more amazing content, as well as contribute to the guerrilla marketing effort that builds awareness and interest in your vested crypto. It’s a win for everyone involved. 


If you’re a lone-wolf large-whale holding a giant bag, send us a message expressing interest and tell us about the project you’d like us to make content for.  We’ll do some research and if the project looks legit, we will get back in touch to confirm our availability. Next step we will add the project to the Pipeline section here on which will include a wallet donation link. Check the rate card below, and decide what length of animation you would like us to create. After a donation in excess of our $500 minimum is made, we will green-light the project. Once green-lit we recommend to share the pipeline webpage with your whale friends and encourage them to contribute as well because the more funds you can raise, the more stunning the animated results will be. We’re game to make a full length feature documentary film about your project, if the budget is there!

If you’re a small scale investor, we encourage you to share our website with the community of the project you would like us to make content for. Send us a message expressing interest, with a few words about the community and a link to the projects website. If it looks legit, we will get back in touch, confirm our availability and create a page here on Bitgraphix in the Pipeline section, featuring the project, and will include a donation link that will be live for 30 days. The donation wallet address will public and all deposits can be verified. Once the $USD value of the donation balance crosses the first threshold on our rate card ($500) we will green light the project, and begin making premium graphics featuring your project. The total amount donated at the end of 30 days will determine the length and complexity of the final animation, based on our estimated rate card below. If at the end of 30 days the donation value is less than $500, we will consider it a gift from the community to keep the computers running. If the support is close, but falls short of our $500 minimum, we will use the funds to create still images and branding merchandise that will be available in our store.

Have a project in mind you’d like the Bitgraphix design muscle to flex on?

For larger centralized, well-funded projects: We are available for hire. Contact us via contact page for details and availability.

All prices are rough estimate and subject to change based on the complexity of work and time constraint of project.

bitlev 1

Basic: Custom 3d animated logo bumper, single camera render: Shot Length: 3 seconds

Creation Time: 72 hours  Cost: $500 USD

bitlev 2

Advanced:  Custom 3d animated teaser, multiple camera render.  Sequence Length: 10 seconds 

Creation Time: 10 days  Cost: $2500 USD

bitlev 3

Advanced:  Custom 3d animated teaser, multiple camera render.  Sequence Length: 20 seconds

Creation Time: 2 weeks  Cost: $3800 USD   example: SOLANA

bitlev 4

Advanced:  Custom 3d animated teaser, multiple camera render.  Sequence Length: 30 seconds

Creation Time: 2.5 weeks  Cost:$5500 USD   example: BTCP

bitlev 5

Advanced:  Custom 3d animated teaser, multiple camera render.  Sequence Length: 45 seconds

Creation Time: 3 weeks  Cost: $6200 USD   example:BTC

bitlev 6

Advanced:  Custom 3d animated teaser, multiple camera render.  Sequence Length: 1 minute

Creation Time: 3.5 weeks  Cost: $7800 USD   example: NIX